sophie coe

Sophie is a British artist & architect based in London. She finds inspiration from her environment, past and present, some of this draws from time living in Asia and Australia. 

Sophie’s work seeks to interpret the essentiality beyond the purely visual. She has a curiosity in how memory can focus this, filter it, and how individuals with the same visual experience can come away with such different visual memories of it. The process of creating allows an idea to expand and distil again as a concept, with images often becoming abstract and calm in the process. Her figurative work is much quicker, it seeks to capture the substance of the pose, be that weight, tension, movement, form or emotion - the life within it.

Riverside Gallery, Richmond TW9 (2017)

Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham TW1 (2017)

The Chapel, London NW1 (2012-15)

Staffords Gallery, London WC2 (2015-16)

Morley Gallery, London SE1 (2009)

Andrew Crawford Gallery, Paddington, Sydney (2006-2007)

Waywood Gallery, Byron Bay. Australia (2005-2007)

XO Gallery, Kingscliff. Australia (2006)

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